Hear why customers love Bluespan Wireless

I don't have a cable option at my location, and don't care to be limited on how much I can download. I have been a Bluespan customer for over 3 years and can highly recommend it.

I get what I am paying for. On those few instances where the service has had trouble, they have been responsive and gotten it fixed quickly.

Installation was prompt, efficient, and professional.

A local company giving great service. I can't recommend this company highly enough.

Robert V., Sahuarita, AZ

Things I love about Bluespan: They come out when they say they're going to come out. They test your connectivity before they commit to an installation. And they guarantee bandwidth!

Karen M., Seattle, WA

We switched to Bluespan about three months ago & love it! We now have an unlimited data plan with BW that costs us about $600 less per year, have had excellent speed & not a single interruption.

Kristi B.

First of all, I really like the fact that Bluespan Wireless is locally owned and operated. On top of that, they have provided me with better service than any of the other 3 companies I have used in the past. The customer support people are friendly and extremely helpful. I am very happy to have found them!

Steven F., Facebook

To say I am highly satisfied with Bluespan Wireless would be an understatement. I am extremely satisfied. :-) Another year sounds good to me.

Gina A.

After going through 3 different WISP companies in the last 3 years with varying degrees of success I think my searching/hoping is finally at an end. No longer am I getting an unstable 3mb/768k or 1.7mb/768k stable connection. Now, using Bluespan Wireless, I'm getting a stable 10mb/1mb connection that actually delivers the speed I'm paying for, full 10mb, all the time.

Mark S.

Blazing fast latency, and delivers the full 10 Mbps, all the time, any time! A+

David V., customer since February 2014

Amazing service and speed! We used to have Century Link and didn't know what good internet was till Bluespan came around! If you are in need of great customer service and great internet, these are your guys!

Stephanie Foley, Facebook

My whole family has Bluespan Wireless. We used to have cox in our neighborhood and oh boy was it a headache! We finally switched over to Bluespan and my god is it amazing! I highly recommend them to anybody in Southern Arizona whether you have internet issues or billing issues. They will beat all your expectations! Love you guys!

Halee W., Facebook

Fantastic customer service! I had a slow down a couple weeks and emailed Bluespan about the slowdown. Mark G. at Bluespan emailed me about this and told me why the problem existed and that it was being resolved and that my connections should be up to full speeds. He even followed up twice by phone and email to make sure everything was okay. You can't get this type of service from anyone anymore. Truly impressive.

Will G., Yelp