Relying on WiFi hotspots from the shore is never ideal. The further away from shore you go, the worse it gets.

With Bluespan, you can stay connected - even offshore!

Bluespan is the only service provider specializing in marine internet services. Experience the Bluespan difference:


With Bluespan marine internet, we guarantee your bandwidth and experience. We offer dedicated, quality, fiber optic bandwidth that you don’t share with your neighbors in the marina (or anyone for that matter!).

World-Class Support

You’ll love our local tech support! When you call, you can be assured you’ll speak to an actual person--not a computer. This is just one of many ways Bluespan distinguishes itself from big box competitors.


Streaming video and media? Have multiple devices? You name it; we can keep up! When it comes to our product, we guarantee speed, latency, and quality. If it doesn’t perform to our quality and standards, you don’t pay!


Bluespan’s marine internet services represent the ongoing evolution of mobile internet and provide greatly enhanced performance and functionality. Our commitment to providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction has made Bluespan the number one name wireless internet for boats.

At Bluespan, we don’t make promises of “up to” a certain number of gigs. What you sign up for is what you are guaranteed. If you’re tired of using unreliable boating hotspots on shore, come over to Bluespan and experience the difference.

Why Choose Bluespan for Marine Internet Services?

  • We have thousands of happy customers
  • No shared connections
    • Imagine every lane of a freeway is megabit. Would you rather have one lane of that freeway with no other cars or 5 lanes with a thousand other cars? With Bluespan, you get your own road.
  • Complete, no-questions-asked cancellations policy
    • Unlike big cable companies, we don’t feel the need to lock in our customers. We stand behind our products - if you’re not happy in the first 30 days, you can return the product for whatever reason. And if at any point during your contract, the product doesn’t live up to quality and standards we promise, we’ll void your contract.
  • Part of the community
    • We take pride in being a part of the local community. And it starts with our local support team. You’ll get a real person every time you call!

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