Support & Help

We appreciate your business and want to make sure you get the best value for the plan you pick with Bluespan.

Your new connection will support the following bandwidth demanding services:

  • VPN connections to your work
  • STREAMING video like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and more
  • VOICE  service (VoIP)
  • ONLINE Gaming

If you should have any concern about your bandwidth or the connection, we have 2 options available.  Sales will always call you back, but if we are in a meeting or on the phone you can get immediate service by reaching out to our support line directly.  Each method engages several Bluespan people to start helping you.

Other important contacts at Bluespan:

  • Billing or accounting needs:
  • Changes of payment method
  • Invoices
  • Questions regarding charges

Additional sales options:

  • Friend or neighbor wants our service; you get a $40 credit
  • You want to increase your available bandwidth to the next plan
  • You want to add phones or faxing to your account

You may also submit a ticket directly online at steps to follow before contacting Bluespan

1-Power Cycling devices

Bluespan's POE Brick device with a single light (the size of a smart phone)

  • The easiest way to find it, is to follow the Ethernet cable from the wall; it will run from the wall direct to the POE brick device
  • Unplug the POE power-cable from the 110v outlet
  • Wait about 30 seconds and plug the power-cable back in
  • Wait 2 minutes for equipment power up - Check the internet is it working again?

Wireless Router Your equipment or Bluespan's router if purchased

  •  Locate the Wireless Router typical it is connected by Ethernet to the POE device
  • Unplug the Wireless Router  power-cable from the 110v outlet
  • Wait about 30 seconds and plug the power-cable back in
  • Wait 1 minute to power up - Check the internet, is it working?
  • Rebooting computers and devices attached to the Wifi or Wireless router
  • This can help devices re-establish a connection