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Bring the world of High-Speed Internet to your neighborhood. As a Block Champion, enjoy FREE internet while allowing your entire neighborhood to get today's fastest internet speed.All connections are secure, private, and your data's safety is never compromised.

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Call us (888) 774-2583 Or fill out the form below and a team member will follow up with you.


Once approved, a technician will work with you to install the necessary equipment at the agreed exterior location.


You will have premium internet speeds, WIFI, and compliments from your community.

Block Champion Equipment

Bluespan equipment installation is similar to the above images. The hardware provides your internet and, if they sign up, your neighbors internet too. These internet connections are separate, private, and secured

The equipment, which is smaller or similar in size to your average small tablet, and much smaller than satellite dish hardware, has a modern design to compliment your home.

Block Champion FAQ

Who is eligible to be a Block Champion?
We welcome you to fill out the form below or contact us. Ideal homes that can provide a network service profile will qualify to become a Block Champion. We will survey and assess your home to ensure the requirements for a Giga-Block can be optimally set up.

What if I cannot become a Block Champion?

We understand not all homes will qualify and will then recommend your best Internet options, where available. As a Giga-Block opportunity becomes available, we will notify you for the opportunity. We appreciate all interest in providing high quality services to your community.

Do Electric Utilities increase as a Block Champion?

NOPE! Our ultra-low-power equipment is equivalent to a pair of 100-watt light bulbs. While transmitting and receiving data, you won’t notice any changes in your electric bill.

What responsibilities do Giga-Block Champions have?

Initial installation, routine maintenance, and/or service and equipment upgrades will be coordinated with you. We understand homeowners upgrading their property. However, we need to know of any such improvements or activity that can cause interruption to our services delivered to you and the community. We’ll take care of everything else!

Is my information private and safe?

Absolutely! Every connection is separate, private, and secure. Our Giga-Block Program won’t expose any data to anyone. We provide complete privacy for all customers in the program.

What will the equipment look like on my house?

Installations will vary and is based on the needed type and quantity of equipment. We will identify and present all equipment to you before any agreement is signed. Additionally, you can get a very good idea of the equipment in the examples above.


Giga-Block Champion Interest Form

Let us know you're interested to become a Block Champion. Your info will be reviewed and we'll contact your about becoming a Bluespan Giga-Block partner!

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