Support FAQs

Q: Can I change plans at any time?

A: Any Bluespan customer can upgrade to a larger plan at any time, with no extension of contract. Reducing a plan may incur a charge.

Q: Can I receive a refund?

A: We guarantee our services and will make every effort to fix a service if it is not performing as promised.

Q: What is meant by unlimited?

A: Cellular, satellite, and now cable providers are imposing data caps or data limits and imposing charges for additional data. We offer unlimited data plans, so you can essentially stream all you want.

Q: What happens if I sell my business/home or move?

A: Bluespan will allow any service contract to be moved to the new location - we do charge a new installation fee. In the event that we cannot provide service to the new location, we will allow the contract to be canceled and we require physical access to the installed equipment. Contact Bluespan for more information at 888-774-2583.

Q: What if I don't live in Tucson full time?

A: If your Tucson residence is not a full-time residence, you have the option to place your account on Interrupt. The following are the main points of the Interrupt option: 

  • Account must be in good standing
  • With a 36-month contract, you can get up to 6 months per year at the reduced rate
  • An Interrupt charge of $15 per month will apply while in suspend
  • Interrupt mode is limited to 2 occurrences per calendar year and cannot be in increments of less than 30 days per occurrence
  • When the account is interrupted, service is shut off, and the term is interrupted too.
  • When you want to take your account off of Interrupt, call Bluespan at 888-774-2583 and service will be restored within 24 hours. (Please feel free to call us any time before you need service, we will be happy to schedule your restored service on any day you need.)

Q: How long does it take to install?

A: An installation typically takes about 3 hours to install and test. Service can usually be scheduled for install within a week after the proper paperwork has been submitted. It's not uncommon for us to install service in 24 hours, because it's available when you need it.

Q: Is the service affected by rain, strong winds, or other weather?

A: Not normally. We engineer your internet connection to continue to work in heavy rain. Rain fade is common among satellite service providers but is not a deterrent to our service during the monsoon weather in Arizona. Our equipment is intelligent and will report to us if the signal is lost or degraded for any reason such as power loss, etc.

Q: How fast is a Bluespan internet connection?

A: As fast as you want to purchase, we don't really have a limit in relation to your needs. We feed our network with business grade Fiber Optics. We are a last mile Fiber Optic provider. Our latency is very low compared to DSL, Cable, Satellites, and other Wireless providers. Our bandwidth can be purchased asynchronously and synchronously. Our connection is about as close to Fiber Optics as you can get in the market without actually investing in a large monthly recurring cost or an uncomfortably long contract term. Simply put, anywhere from 3mb to a Gigabit connection.

Q: So, this is a satellite-delivered service?

A: No. Bluespan is a local wireless microwave service or Fiber Optic last mile provider. Our wireless signal only has to travel a few miles versus satellite service where your signal has to travel thousands of miles creating Latency and slow response times. The distance a satellite signal travels slows down your Internet traffic and causes problems with applications including online gaming, VPN's, remote office access, VoIP, movie streaming, and opening simple applications like a browser. Satellite signals can be affected by weather like monsoon rainstorms called Rain Fade.

Q: How big is the radio that you place on my roof?

A: There are multiple types of radios which we might place on your roof. The smallest is about the size of a 32-ounce cup and the largest is the same size that is used by satellite TV providers. Each install depends on how close you are to a tower site and the bandwidth you want us to guarantee.

Q: How does the wireless service work?

A: Bluespan's service is a microwave line-of-sight service designed for the delivery of high-speed data, voice, and fax services. We are not a WiFi service, though we are compatible with standard WiFi routers. We install a radio at your location and point that to a tower site which has the best coverage in your area.

Q: How can you provide such quality?

A: Changes in the microwave industry have allowed us to provide a high speed, high-quality reliable signal. We use the strongest form of fiber optic internet in Tucson. We also have created a self-healing network.

Q: Do you offer a wireless router?

A: Yes, we do offer residential and business wireless routers. We highly recommend using WIFI 6 capable routers (802.11AX). We now provide an unlimited warranty for our Residential routers each device is $10/mth + $29.99 activation one time. If you have a large home or business, we have custom WIFI solutions for more than 3000 sq ft. let us know if you would like a quote by emailing With a Bluespan managed router in place, we can configure and troubleshoot over the phone to help you faster, when diagnosing a potential connection issue.