Nov 27, 2015 - Internet Provider

Ideally, consumers get the best of everything when they purchase a product. The phrase, “You get what you pay for”, is generally agreed upon.

But do you really get what you pay for from your internet service provider? This has been a hot topic of debate in tech news because some companies claim to deliver a certain level and quantity of service and are caught not living up to their claims.

Certain ISPs have engaged in unsavory practices such as throttling back the performance for their most frequent internet users. Since the structure of their network provides for limited bandwidth, they do this to keep it open for all of their customers, even if the heavy user pays for more use.

When an ISP lapses on delivery of the service paid for, customers really take them to task! Today, customers are armed with review sites such as Yelp and social media that allows them to get the word about customer experiences more quickly than ever. This either forces a change in the way companies do business or changes which business customers choose.

Wise customers read those forums to assess the performance of an ISP before doing business. High marks in service go a long way with influencing users on their choice of provider, and Bluespan is right up there in the top echelon when it comes to service.

When you choose your Tucson ISP, you should examine some key points:

·      Will the company deliver the service you pay for?

·         Can you get service outside the city limits?

·         How smoothly can you stream content?

·         How quick is your connection?

·         Will a great level of service break the bank?

At Bluespan, we understand that the majority of internet users want fast access to the Internet for the best productivity, seamless streaming and hiccup-free computer gaming. We also understand that users dream of not paying top dollar for top service, but they don’t want to worry about prohibitive pricing to have unlimited data.

Bluespan makes your dream of unlimited data with maximized bandwidth can come true! We can guarantee your bandwidth, even if you are a total internet junkie. We anticipated this need when we set up our network, and reinforced it to handle the traffic from heavy users. Our rates are comparable to other ISP’s, and we make sure you get the full value of your plan.

You can even have true high-speed internet access in the “sticks”. If you enjoy living on the outskirts of Tucson, you shouldn’t have to forego superior high speed internet service. You don’t have to settle for satellite service that stutters and hesitates every time you want to stream your favorite videos.

Bluespan subscribers who live in the middle of the action are privileged to have clean and clear internet communications, even in the midst of the city’s cellular soup.

How do we do it? For underserved areas, our data rides upon radio waves to get to you, so we are able to reach you where cable and DSL providers can’t. Subscribers in densely populated areas are not interrupted by cellular service for the same radio wave transmission concept. This is because we transmit data from our towers to a radio unit that we install at your home, cutting out the need to share with thousands of other internet users.

As a Bluespan customer, the service you receive from us is specialized just for you.  When you purchase service with Bluespan, you aren’t paying for a claim on common service shared with our other satisfied users; you are getting all of the service you pay for individually.

And we guarantee that.