Feb 16, 2017 - Internet, High Speed Internet

The average person sees an overwhelming 5,000 advertisements a day. This makes consumers wary of the authenticity of what they are exposed to, especially online. Most people are bombarded by messages promising FREE products that never actually live up to expectations. Bluespan is different. When we make a promise, we stick to it. No more hidden fees or false promotions. At Bluespan we have made the same commitment to our customers year after year. For example, if you refer five friends to Bluespan Wireless, we’ll give you our Core Package for free. That’s right, if you refer 5 friends, you won't have to pay for internet anymore. This is the part where you can start counting up your friends. This promotion encompasses our core values. We believe our service is so good that everyone should have it, and if you help us get there, you can have it for free. This isn’t one of those promotions where the deal expires after a certain amount of time. As long as the five people you refer to Bluespan remain active customers, you keep getting your Core Package for free. Through this program, you can get free internet for life. If free internet for life sounds like a good deal to you, call up your buddies, throw a neighborhood barbecue, or even ask acquaintances on social media. When people experience how reliable and fast Bluespan Wireless Internet is, they’ll be thankful you used them to get yours free.