Jun 3, 2016

Every year, Father’s Day rolls around and we agonize over what to get the man who, undoubtedly, has everything that he needs to get by. Even the most tech-savvy dads are content to play with the apps they download or get back to old fashioned tools in the garage. Dads do not make it easy, do they?

What if this year, possibly for the first time ever, you found your dad that one perfect, technologically-advanced gift that could truly change his life for the better?

Beyond convenience products, quick purchases, and the closet of patterned ties you have given dad in the past, lies the one gift for dad that will make him truly appreciate living in an age when technology is undergoing a revolution.

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

Got a dad who is interested in making this summer the year that he turns his dad bod into a lifelong health that will keep him around long enough to attend his great grandchildren’s weddings? While the FitBit is unisex, the sleek styles and band options tend to favor female tastes. Enter the Polar A360, the fitness band for the desk jockey dad who wants to spend his nights fine-tuning his fitness goals.

The Polar A360 is a fitness tracker that keep your goals in mind and won’t let you get away with underperforming either. The Polar A360 gives the wearer feedback, rewards, a calorie counter, training options for over a hundred different types of sports, heart-based training and intensity monitor, and separate and impressive running program for the dad who is serious about his long term goals. This includes a marathon training program too!

The Polar A360 fitness tracker retails for $199, and can really turn 2016 into the year that dad put his health front and center and changed the course of his future.

Smart WeMo Crock-Pot

Speaking of changing your health and fitness goals, more dads than ever are taking to the kitchen and preparing meals for the family. If you have a dad who is a whiz in the kitchen and interested in creating mouth-watering meals that are healthy one-pot wonders, get him the Smart WeMo Crock-Pot.

The Smart Crock-Pot is a WiFi-enabled crock-pot that syncs to dad’s smart phone (and works with the Amazon Echo beautifully). Without being home, dad can adjust time settings, temperatures, and monitor the food he’s preparing for dinner.

Beyond the typical grill-centric gifts, the Smart WeMo Crock-Pot can really get dad engaged in the cooking process and hopefully get him thinking about his long term health too, and for $129, that’s a pretty good deal.

Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

We are living in the age of technology, and sadly, too many dads suffer from “good enough” syndrome, leading to their refusal to upgrade their lives. Once dad has an Amazon Echo or an Echo Dot in his house, he’ll never know how he lived without one.

One year after its initial release, the Amazon Echo is more amazing than ever before. The Echo is designed to be the helpful home robot that we all wished for as we watched The Jetsons and dreamed of the future.

Picture your dad’s new daily routine: Echo reads your dad the news headlines while it brews his coffee, checks on the house plants, dims the lights to adjust to his tired morning eyes, puts on his favorite playlist or podcast while he works out, and then sets his crock-pot to have dinner ready the moment he walks in the door. It will even turn of your lights when he goes to bed.

The Echo syncs to all of dad’s apps and allows him to control them with his voice. It’s as easy as it is fantastic. The Amazon Echo is a modern marvel, and for all that it does, the $179 price tag is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

If you’re looking for a smaller version of the Echo (in both function and size), the Echo Dot is a great alternative. Exclusively for Amazon Prime members, the Echo Dot retails for $89 and features all of the best voice-controlled features of the Echo. Yes, it will even grab dad an Uber and order him a pizza from Dominos just like the bigger version.

Raden A22 Carry Suitcase

The best gift that you can give anyone is the gift of travel, but the Raden A22 suitcase comes is a close second. The Raden A22 is made of flex plastic technology, and it will stand up to any treatment a suitcase can go through while making its way on and off a plane.

The best thing about this suitcase is that is can charge dad’s phone and electronics while he’s standing in line at the airport! It also tells you how much the suitcase weighs so that dad never has to worry about struggling to meet the weight limit at airport check-in.

The Raden A22 Carry is the suitcase that dad has been dreaming of since he took his first plane ride, and it’s finally available for him to witness in all of its technological glory. The Raden A22 starts at $295, but it will be irreplaceable in your dad’s heart as he travels the world for business and pleasure.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so be sure that you get your dad that perfect something to make his life a little better every day!