Dec 25, 2015 - New Technology

[The following are simply wise suggestions. Bluespan Wireless does not take responsibility for any moisture damage to your device. Any major or lingering issues should be resolved with a computer tech professional.]

Because so many of us depend on our computers to store files, entertain ourselves, communicate, get an education and earn a living, a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can be in the top 3 of our most valuable assets. Technology takes center stage in the lives of most people on the planet today, so care and maintenance of all your computing and internet browsing devices is of paramount importance.

Your computer is also an electronic device requiring fastidious caution in its handling. Your CPU’s functioning is entirely dependent on electricity, which powers its transistors that read binary 0’s and 1’s like an “on/off” switch.

Granted, if you have a spill your computer’s CPU is fairly guarded by casings as part of a smart design, but liquid is a sneaky devil that can find its way into the tiniest of crevices. However, complex circuitry in the motherboard can short out if liquid comes in contact with it while your computer is powered on.

Accidents happen; it’s just a fact of life. Particularly during holiday celebrations you may throw caution to the wind and allow uncovered beverages and food around your computer. As you and your friends watch highlights from that Thursday night football game on YouTube or stream a movie on Hulu, one ecstatic gesture or nudge of an elbow can send a glass or bottle of your favorite beverage onto its side, spilling the contents that find its way to your computer.

And luck would have it that you put your smartphone on the same table to be covered in the liquid, too.

If you’ve spilled your beverage or a liquid food product on your computer, it could cost you much more than a repair bill or to replace the machine, especially if the warranty on your computer is expired and you didn’t purchase insurance in the event of accidents or natural disasters. Lost productivity and precious memories are users’ most dreaded nightmare.

Should your electronic devices meet with such misfortune, here are a few immediate steps you can take to try and save them from moisture damage:

Disconnect power sources

It’s a given that electricity and liquids aren’t the best of friends. The surest way to have any chance of saving your computer or device is to turn off the AC power immediately. Remove the battery since it is another source of power.

Unplug all peripherals

This means your mouse, a connected printer or other devices attached to your computer. You could avoid damaging them and save yourself the money, hassle and heartache of having to replace them.

Clean up the liquid as quickly as possible

It is important to stop the spread of the spill as quickly as possible. Using a lint-free cloth, make sure you dry as much as you can thoroughly both on the table surface and the computer. Make sure your cloth is lint free to avoid stray particles from the cloth causing further damage by getting stuck in keys.

Give it air

Unless you are a skilled repair technician, it’s best not to attempt to open the back of your computer. Leave the power off for at least a day, and place your computer or hand held device in a dry area to avoid short outs from moisture you can’t see.

After you take these steps, try powering up your computer. If in doubt, have the device serviced by a professional. Remember to use lidded drinks around your computer area and mind your elbows to prevent liquid damage and costly mistakes!